Third Party Companies and ISNetworld®

ISNetworld® has a disclaimer at the bottom of their homepage that states third party companies claim to help you with your ISNetworld® account and may contact your company for business. You should be careful regarding these companies because they are not ISNetworld®.

ISNetworld® does this because they believe that you can handle your account without any help or if you need help they can resolve all your problems. This may not always be the case. Some companies try for months or years to become ISNetworld® compliant. It is not always easy because you may be a small company and do not believe you need certain programs or you cannot get your insurance approved. Third party companies can help with this because they service multiple accounts and can determine what insurance is mandatory, what can be waived and what changes need to be made to safety programs to get you complaint. Not all third party companies are bad or even charge a lot. If a company claims they can get you compliant but it will cost an arm and a leg plus an annual subscription avoid them. There are much cheaper companies out there with annual subscriptions or even on a per job basis that can often do a better job. Call around and ask your friends whom they go through. It can save you time and a headache.

This organization is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®.

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