Teaching and instructing on the principles of health and safety is probably one of the more enjoyable types of work that I do. If I taught other subjects, which I can of course, the end results might not have the same high impact. That is, teaching people about safety is important because I am able to convey information that may prevent death or serious injury.
However, there are by nature many challenges in conducting safety and health courses. Some classes are mandatory, so we get participants who are “imprisoned” and wish to be doing other work. Other times, people just have a bad attitude regarding safety and health, which permeates the classroom setting. My ultimate goal in teaching involves conveyance of practical and useful information in the most meaningful way. This can be a tough proposition, but the end rewards are always worth it.
Participants in my classes can expect real world scenarios that apply to their job or vocation. This is how I attempt to convey meaning and value. I also have to outline important regulatory requirements, but do not quote the law verbatim whenever this can be avoided or limited. Rather, I attempt explain the spirit of the law and what must be done to comply in order to increase understanding and to promote greater awareness.
Training and education is utilized as an instrument to promote and grow people through understanding and critical thinking skills. My primary aim is to connect the element of education to real world problems. As I impart information in the classroom and online, my overall goal is to spread awareness, increase safety and health initiatives, and to help people develop professionally. I have been fortunate enough to teach for many years now and will continue to implement my teaching philosophy as I grow and evolve.

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