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Thank you very much for visiting this webpage about PEC Premier. I have been assisting businesses through this prequalification and vendor selection system for over a decade in which timeframe numerous changes in process and procedure have occurred since then. Many people who are largely unfamiliar with the nuances of this system can find the workload to be overwhelming. However, I have made it my mission to assist as many businesses as possible in achieving success in occupational health and safety. Hopefully, this webpage will answer your questions and provide guidance as to how I can provide assistance in this process.

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What kind of information does PEC Premier require?

PEC Premier will certainly require a great amount of information from each business. Here is a short rundown of the information requested and reviewed in nearly every case:

  • OSHA 300 and 300A logs for the last three calendar years
  • An experience modification rating (EMR) letter from your workers’ compensation insurance carrier for last three years of the policy period
  • The submission of written safety programs, which are determined by PEC Premier depending on the hiring client requirements and your industry work type.
  • Some written safety program requirements may not apply, but there are avenues to request a waiver when this is the case
  • A certificate of insurance meeting the requirements of each hiring client
  • The completion of required SSQ questionnaires
  • Depending on the hiring client and your industry, employee safety training record submissions may be required
  • Often, hiring clients will require specific acknowledgment forms to be signed and completed

In addition, many other documents may be requested as well depending upon the work that you are doing and who you might be doing that work for.  Some hiring clients, for example, will request that you submit confined space permits, hot work permits, and aerial lift inspections. Other hiring clients may request no additional documents to be submitted. Again, much of these types of document requests will be on a case-by-case basis depending upon the hiring client you are or will be working for.

Work with me: The Markus Wesaw® Impact

Markus Wesaw® is unique in many ways because you are in the hands of a true safety consultant. Firstly, unlike many competitors, Markus Wesaw® operates as a full service consultant that handles the complete verification process. Consulting service can include employee safety training online, safety programs are edited and drafted, certificates of insurance are submitted, and all the other miscellaneous PEC Premier requirements are satisfied.

Secondly, the cost of consulting service is quite affordable, especially when compared to the competition.  Markus Wesaw® is pretty confident that you’ll be happy with the cost of service, but feel free to reach out for more information.

Thirdly, Markus Wesaw® is client-centered. Have a deadline? If it’s realistic, your expectations will be exceeded. Don’t know how to complete an OSHA 300 form? He’ll do it for you or walk you through the process so you can learn it too. Markus Wesaw® strives to make this process seamless…so you can focus on what really matters-your business! The emphasis is to provide account full service at a reasonable cost that eliminates the burden on your company. Markus Wesaw® will communicate with your team every step of the way, so you are constantly aware of what’s going on.

It is understood that your organization has countless options to pursue with respect to acquiring assistance with your PEC Premier account. Let’s evaluate the Markus Wesaw® difference:

  • Board Certified Safety Professional (CSP®)
  • Internationally recognized achiever in occupational health and safety
  • Leading regulatory expert in OSHA compliance, interpretation, and implementation
  • US Navy veteran trained in complex problem-solving, goal-setting, and achievement
  • Extraordinary analytical thinker with multidisciplinary knowledge base
  • Client-centered philosophy on consulting engagements
  • Unparalleled loyalty and dedication to client needs and demands

Below, you will find an outline of the PEC Premier Scope of Work conducted by Markus Wesaw®:

  • Safety Programs-professionally drafted, edited, and/or amended written safety programs
  • Insurance-coordination with insurance brokers and management to meet hiring client coverage and policy requirements
  • SSQ Questionnaires-prompt and timely completion of management safety questionnaires
  • Document Review and Submission-acknowledgment forms, training records, OSHA 300 and 300A logs, EMR letters, etc.
  • Account Updates-new hiring clients, insurance policy renewals, quarterly management safety questionnaires, etc., are promptly completed

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