ISNetworld® Compliant Safety Programs vs. OSHA Compliant Safety Programs

I cannot stress this enough, ISNetworld® compliant safety programs are not always OSHA compliant safety programs. They are usually two different animals. We talk to people all the time that say well Company X says they can give me an OSHA compliant safety program based off of the ISNetworld® compliant safety programs. This may be true for some of the shorter programs, but this is not the case for each and every ISNetworld® requirement for their safety programs.

ISNetworld® requires some of the OSHA standards to create their safety programs. When you go and answer the questions under the safety program list you will see a list of requirements to be an ISNetworld® compliant safety program. ISNetworld® does not list every requirement that is required by OSHA for all of their safety programs. For example OSHA requires sections A-Z to become an OSHA compliant safety program, while ISNetworld® requires A-C, D, and G. Therefore, some of the OSHA requirements are left out.

When a company tells you they will create an ISNetworld® compliant safety manual and claim that it also meets the OSHA requirements, but the safety manual is small, you need to questions if it is truly OSHA compliant. Also, these people will sell you safety programs that do not conform to your facility. A great example is the safety program for emergency evacuation. A lot of programs will say leave through the nearest exit and find a location to meet at. This is not a good safety program. You should have specific area which you should have employees to meet at in the safety manual. This way when you have an emergency there is no question what to do or where to go.

Be wary of the companies that claim their programs are OSHA compliant because they are ISNetworld® compliant. This may not always be the case.

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